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Scrum and Sprint: Getting the work done

Scrum: Scrum is an Agile process that allows practitioners to focus on delivering the highest business value within the given timeline. It is framework that is structured around sprints (or iterations of work). Sprint: The heart of Scrum is a Sprint. Sprints consist of the Sprint Planning Meeting, Daily Scrums, the development work, the Sprint … Continue reading

Lessons to Remember

Human desire is always to learn and grow. There are many learning comes with your own experiences and many with sharing experiences of others. In our personal and professional life we learn many lessons that we experience and share with others for everyone’s growth. Here are few lessons learned from own experience and few from … Continue reading

Let’s do it !!!

I have always been a reluctant blogger. I understand that the Social media including blogging has become the central nervous system of our information technology generation. I always had the sense of understanding that I have a greater responsibility to communicate effectively to the broader audience within Microlucid and outside the organization. In past I … Continue reading