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Let’s do it !!!

I have always been a reluctant blogger. I understand that the Social media including blogging has become the central nervous system of our information technology generation. I always had the sense of understanding that I have a greater responsibility to communicate effectively to the broader audience within Microlucid and outside the organization. In past I did interact and communicate within the organization and outside too but now I have realized that the social media is inescapable tool for an effective communication with a wider audience. Today there is no doubt about the power and effectiveness of the social media.

So finally I decided, let’s do it.

Currently, we live in a rapidly changing world. The world around us is changing faster than ever. The change is not happening only in terms of technology. Today we can sense the change in every aspect of life. We can see a new trend in world economy. The old world economy from just few decades ago has completely been revised and we can see emerging countries as new economic power houses like India, Indonesia, Brazil and China has taken their respected position. We can also see unrest within many countries changing the world faster than ever.

Recently we encountered one of the biggest rescission in US and across the world since the great depression of 1930s. Still many world economies are struggling especially in Europe. Asia is doing comparatively well but the bad economy in Europe and stabilizing economy of United States has a greater influence in Asian countries sustainability and growth.

We in Microlucid had also gone through some tough time during recession and came out with the flying colors. We hold our nerves and focused on the commitments/deliverables to our clients, employees and vendors. Recently we decided to revisit our growth policies and after the in-depth analysis we realized that in rapidly changing world we need to take some tough decisions to overhaul the processes and the policies. As we all know change is always tough but for the growth and the expansion of the organization we had to take the tough calls.

So we decided, let’s do it.

Finally we need to look forward. As we steadily are coming out from the recession, we have a sea of opportunities available across the world. We as an organization is very well equipped with the talents and technologies to provide a unique experience and the excellent services. To provide unique experience and the excellent services, it requires a lot of understanding, commitment and consistency.

So we as an organization has decided, let’s do it.

CEO, Microlucid.



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