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Lessons to Remember

Human desire is always to learn and grow. There are many learning comes with your own experiences and many with sharing experiences of others. In our personal and professional life we learn many lessons that we experience and share with others for everyone’s growth.

Here are few lessons learned from own experience and few from others…

Lesson 1:

“Perception Vs Reality”. There may be many different factors that could influence client’s perception. We may easily perceive that the client perception could be based on our the best possible advice and our quality of service. But the reality is that client’s judgments are based on far more than the throughput or service we deliver. Providing the best advice and delivering the best solutions is only the door opener. Our individual personalities and how we interact with clients makes a big difference in developing the relationship. We must look beyond and have the courage to talk about more than the current commitments or the next deals, so our clients come to know us as people, not just as solution provider. Our conduct, appearance and behavior also has major contribution influencing the impression.

It is important for us to understand our client’s perception. We should have the intuition to read between the lines and be attentive to the nuances.

Lesson 2:

“You’re the master of your own success”. Being committed and doing a great job is a good strategy and will take you a long way in your career, but it is crucial to articulate your objectives and challenge your managers as well as learn with their experience. Don’t assume that everybody knows what you are doing and your goals and don’t blame others because they don’t. There is nothing wrong with sharing your concern or asking others help and learning form the peers or even juniors. We should evaluate our work and progress but also not afraid to hear your evaluation from others. We sometimes have to deal with setbacks, but to following your objective will always insure the success.

Lesson 3:

“Always lead by an example”. It is imperative that in professional life leading with an example always helps you and your team to grow the confidence level and to achieve the desired goal. Leading by example is never an easy way to go but certainly it is the only path for greater success. If you lead by an example then the people working with you will always have an admiration and respect of you and your work, they constantly try to challenge themselves keeping you as a role model.

CEO, Microlucid



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