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e-Publishing At Glance

Now-a-days the digital publishing industry and e-books are growing rapidly, especially with diminishing paper stocks, rising production costs and the advancement of technology. The popularity of e-publishing as compared to traditional publishing has certainly grown in recent years. The developments in internet technology & electronic media has changed the way we live and work today. e-Publishing is a platform which uses online channels to publish any information or use digital format of books, journals, magazines, reports etc stored in electronic and digital forms. Since we are living in the fast moving world, people prefer quick news updates and ready to use information on a go.

Looking at the importance of e-books in our lives today, it becomes equally important to know  about   e-publishing. Here is a list of some of the things which should be taken into consideration while publishing any content on digital platform .

  •  Good Content
  •  Attractive cover page
  •  Good Formatting
  •  Fair Price
  •  Promotion & Distribution

Good Content : First of all one has to identify the preference of the readers. Content is the base of any book. A book with rich content attracts the readers.

Attractive cover page: The cover page should be impressive and it should look professional. The cover page should have a connection with the content and also with the target audience.  Along with this a great title and good book description is also necessary.

Good Formatting : e-PUB and mobi  are the standard e-book file formats. Microsoft word is commonly accepted whereas PDF is the most difficult file format to convert into ePub or mobi.

It is also debated that can a company make changes in e-book after it goes on sale. The answer depends on the distribution channel the company is using. If the publishing company is using or working with single channel distributor, like Amazon, then the company can upload new and edited files. However, if the company is using multi-channel distributor other than Smashwords then they will have to pay extra for it.

Fair Price/Fee : The different services have different models, this fee should be transparent. Some time some services include special charges or fees. Like if the content having lots of chart/table/image and have in a conventional file format which needs extra work (common with PDFs).

Promotion & Distribution : From promotional point of view, a company may cross promote one book with other books that they have published. It helps to build trust and brand image among the readers. Another most important thing is that where would a publishing company like to distribute their e-book. Now it typically falls into two categories: Single channel distribution service and multi channel distribution service. If the publishing company using Amazon Kindle Direct, they only reach to the specific retailer. And if they use multi channel distribution such as Smashword, then the reach can vary.

According to all major publishing houses, the importance of digital publishing industry and e-book sector has grown rapidly over the years. These best practices will help to increase the readability and brand image. By using these practices in e-publishing, companies can get better output and a huge reader base.

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e-publishing services . We meet customers’ requirements in terms of quality, quick delivery, pricing and support.

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