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Software Outsourcing: Hurdles & Opportunities



The concept of outsourcing is not new. It started way back during the Industrial revolution when manufacturers started moving manufacture of good to the countries with cheapest labor. Earlier the main reason of outsourcing was cost reduction, but today, it is linked with how a company can best utilize its own core competence.

Through the years India has emerged as one of the  the biggest outsourcing destinations in the world. Infosys as we all know has pioneered the  software outsourcing in India and currently ranks 28th globally.The core competencies of Infosys and its contemporaries which helps them to standout in the outsourcing market are – Demonstration Competencies, Balanced Performance, Management Capacities and most important, its size. There is no doubt that at the scale at which these companies work is helpful for Big Enterprises. Similar advantage is not with the SMEs as they can’t reach to big IT companies. And it is not cost effective for big IT companies to serve the SMEs. Now, as SMEs can’t avail  their services they tend to reach to smaller IT firms or now a days even to individuals who work as freelancer and often remain deprived from quality. And from here problem begins.

Here we are going to mention some of the major pain areas we experienced in outsourcing software projects.

Vendor Selection: Software outsourcing many a times fail due to selection of wrong vendor. Though the cost is the one main factor for outsourcing it should not be the major or only  factor of the vendor selection process. With the fair cost, the company also needs to assess the capabilities and experience of the service provider. Having said that it seems to be apparent and nothing new, but this is one of the toughest part we faced. As a company we know how tough the recruiting the right  candidate can be .Just to give an idea  there are thousands of institutions and millions of computer graduates who pass out every year. Benefit of it is , there is a good supply of trained resources and which makes the market competitive and cost gets reduced.But this doesn’t assure the quality of work. Another problems could be infrastructure , experience, culture and communication.  This is why selection of vendor is critical. It is always recommended to do a little research about its prior work , expertise , its founders and their background. 

Software development & Project management: Not surprisingly, it is a complicated job to find a person who has the experience, project management skills and interpersonal skills for a particular project.It is the overall responsibility of the project manager to successfully plan, execute, monitor, control and closure of a project. This is an apparent limitation in small companies or freelancers .  Developers though how good in technology can’t substitute the  need of PM and its expertise.

Time Factor:  On the positive note, there may be few people in the  outsourcing company with the right skills to complete a particular project. In this case the project is at risk of not meeting its deadlines. The company could hire more skilled people (either full time staff or contractors) and management. However, outsourcing could be a solution. The right company could provide the skills and manpower to meet any strict deadlines.

Communication Hurdles: Many a times in software outsourcing, geographically dispersed companies often create communication problems because of the difference in time zone. The client and service provider has to schedule phone calls and meetings. When software development outsourced to an overseas vendor communication play a vital role in the successful completion of the project. Though with the help of the internet, emails, chats, video conferencing and project management software,these days it is feasible to keep check on the project become effective and successful.

Approach and Methodology: “When we give a list of things to be getting done, half would and half would not.” This you may be hearing many times from companies having an offshore software development team.Here , project management technique and tools which Software Development company applies is important. And it is highly recommended to understand the methodology well before the start of the project.

After Project Service: An outstanding software development projects cannot be treated with a “fix it and forget it” concept. It is important that the development team frequently communicates and always ask for the requirements during the difficulties.

In today’s world where information technology has become critical to business, the meaning of outsourcing has undergone a drastic change over the years. Companies started focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing many non-core functions, for which they had no competence internally.

How Microlucid Technology helps you to overcome these challenges:

  • We offer cost effective software outsourcing services with a wide range of advanced solutions in offshore mobile , web  and e-publishing development services.

  • Our employees consider communicating with clients during off hours as a part of the job. We try to adjust our schedule to client’s time zone whenever it’s required.

  • We provide web based project management tool(Jira) for clients to manage team development and analyse their day to day performance, manage project requirements and bug management.

  • We maintain the relationship even after completion of the project and also try to reply as quickly as possible.

  •  We offer project based specific solutions and resources to help you launch your project successfully.

To know more about us please vist  :Microlucid






















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